MONDAYS – All streets south of the railroad tracks including Nightingale
TUESDAYS – Clarion, Clark, Front and Angola Roads
WEDNESDAYS – Dunn, Cornwall, and Springfield Drive
THURSDAYS – Kipling, Second, McCord, Georgianna, Erie, Columbus, Washington and Almaine
FRIDAYS – all streets in the Whisperwood Subdivision

Please keep sticks, branches, rocks, and other plant material out of the leaf piles raked to the curb or street line for collection. These materials, other than the rocks, may be taken to Ohio Compost on US20 and Sager Roads and dropped off free of charge. Yard waste cards are no longer required.

Leaf piles should be kept at least 6 feet from telephone poles, street signs, and mailboxes, this helps to speed collection. Catch basins and curb inlets should also be kept clear so to avoid any street flooding or leaves entering the storm sewer system.

Collection will begin the third week of October and run thru the first week of December. All official start and end dates are determined by actual weather conditions.