Building Permits

The Village of Holland has contracted with the City of Maumee Building and Zoning Department for building plan review, building permit issuance and the required inspection services.

Zoning approval remains under the authority of the Village of Holland with zoning fees paid to the Village.

The City of Maumee is responsible for the building permit plan review, permit issuance and inspections. All fees associated with these processes as well as the certificate of occupancy for new structures shall be payable to the City of Maumee. Building regulations department is located at 400 Conant St in Maumee. Their phone number is 419-897-7075.  

Building Plan Requirements:

* A minimum of three (3) sets of complete construction documents shall be submitted for review. Complete construction plans include: a site plan, elevations, and detailed sheets indicating the footer/foundation, floor, wall, ceiling, and roof of structure. Additional details shall include location of utilities, mechanical equipment, and insulation requirements.

Copies of the building permit application, heating, plumbing, electrical and occupancy permits as well as a schedule of fees can be found at The City of Maumee, OH.