If you see a poor, unfortunate animal (skunk, rabbit, squirrel, ground hog, dog, cat, etc) that did not make it thru traffic, the maintenance personnel will clear the animal from Village right of ways. Please contact the office staff at 419-865-7104, they in turn will radio the crews with the location of the animal and request it to be removed as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the Village is not equipped to handle the housing of any stray cats or dogs. Stray dogs that are picked up by the Police are kept at the Village kennel up to three days. The Lucas County Dog Warden is notified to come and take the animal. If you have lost a dog, please check with the Village Police, the Lucas County Humane Society and the Dog Warden to see if your pet has been located.

Please license and tag your dog, it is not easy on the Village staff to see these animals put down or to notify owners that a missing pet has been turned over to the Dog Warden.