The park has seven Pickleball courts located at the south end of the park. Two of the courts are lit for evening play. Pickleball courts are similar to tennis courts with a shorter playing field.

The park is home to the private 200+ member Holland Pickleball Club. The HPC is not a part of the Village of Holland. Courts are reserved for the Holland Pickleball Club on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the summer from 7am-1pm. League play by the HPC may be scheduled during the evenings. Courts are open to the general public aside from these times. Village residents may stop at the Village offices and obtain a resident tag to place on the appropriate court so it is designated for resident play only.

 To find out more about the Holland Pickleball Club or other nearby pickleball courts, visit

Courts are closed November through March each year. Closing and opening dates are weather dependent.

If you are interested in learning the game but don’t have the equipment?, the Village loans out paddles and balls at our office on Clarion Avenue.