Rail Park

Located on land leased by the Village from Norfolk Southern; sits a caboose that will become the centerpiece for a proposed railpark.


The caboose was purchased jointly with Springfield Township and moved to its current location on November 21, 2003. The placement and restoration of the caboose completes the first phase of creating the rail park. Long range visions for the area include a paved parking area, seating for railroad enthusiasts, and a connection to the proposed bike trail from Strawberry Acres Park to Community Homecoming Park as well as possible restroom facilities.


Extensions of the existing sidewalk along Clarion from Kipling to Rail Park were completed in 2012.


A new paved parking area for use by the public was installed Front and Clark in 2017. Parking is limited to two hour increments.


Rail Park Field has  opened at the corner of Holloway and Front Streets. Rail Park Field contains a pee-wee ball diamond and fencing. Please note that the field has limited playing area with the right field fence at 180 degrees at baseline.The field will be available for play by organized teams by application only. An APPLICATION for use of the ball diamond for practice is found here. Please see the rules and regulations for use of the ball diamond on the application. Spring and Fall seasons will require separate applications.


The field may be used by the general public at times where organized ball is not is session.


The field will be open for the season at the discretion of the Village Maintnenace Department. Weather and ground conditons will determine whether the field is available for play.