Site Plan Requirements

All site plans submitted to the Village of Holland for review and approval of structures  shall meet the following standards:

  1. Name and address of the applicant along with the date shall be shown in the lower right hand corner of the drawing.
  2. A completed zoning permit application and the required fee shall accompany the site plan.
  3. A north arrow shall be shown on the drawing.
  4. The required setback distances shall be shown on the drawing.
  5. The site plan shall indicate the exact dimensions of the subject property and all existing structures on the property and their dimensions.
  6. The site plan shall indicate the location and height of any existing fence.
  7. The location and names of all existing streets shall be shown.
  8. The location and exact dimensions of the proposed structure shall be shown.
  9. Erosion and sediment control measures and their locations shall be shown in compliance with Ordinance 7-2004, Erosion and Sediment Control.

In addition to a Village zoning permit, a City of Maumee Building permit must be secured prior to construction of the structure. Maumee Building Regulations will not issue a building permit until the original zoning permit is presented.

The following companies provide utilities to the Village area. You should contact each company as necessary for the hook up of your utilities.

Maumee Building Regulations 400 Conant St 419-867-7075
Lucas County Sanitary Engineer (Sewer Taps) 1111 S. McCord Road 419-213-2926
Columbia Gas of Ohio 419-248-5151
Toledo Edison 1-800-447-3333
Dept. of Public Utilities (Water) 419-245-1800
Buckeye Cable 419-724-9800
AT&T 1-800-660-1000