All sidewalks must be clear of ice and snow to permit pedestrian traffic. Properties with obstructed sidewalks more than 24 hrs after accumulation will be cleared by the Village. Costs will be invoiced to the property owner. Unpaid invoices are certified to the property taxes. No notice to tenants or owners will be given prior to the Village taking action to clear any sidewalk.

No snow or ice may be placed onto any roadway. Any property depositing snow or ice from shoveling, plowing or blown by other equipment will be subject to citation. Be sure to advise any service provider as they will also be subject to citation.

On street parking prohibited when two or more inches of snow is predicted or has accumulated. Vehicles remaining on roadways are subject to citation or towing. Parking ban remains in effect until the snow event has stopped, even if the plow has cleared the street.

The Village is responnsible for maintaining passable roadways, it is the property owner responsibility to assure clear access to driveways and mailboxes.