Snow Plowing & Sidewalks

In winter events where 2 inches or more of snow are PREDICTED, vehicles must be removed from the roadway. This allows the snow plows to effectively clear the streets. Vehicles left parked on the street are subject to towing and penalties.

Mailbox damage along Angola Road and McCord Road, which are Lucas County responsibility,  was caused by the Lucas County Road Crews and not the village. Please call 419-213-2892 to report any damages. Damaged mailboxes roadways under Village jurisdiction should be reported to the offices at 419-865-7104 extension 401.

Village regulations require that all sidewalks be cleared of ice and snow within 24 hours of accumulation. Sidewalks that are not taken care of by the property owner, or tenant in the case of a a rental property, will be cleared by the village with invoices being sent to the property owner. No notice is required prior to the Village clearing the sidewalk.