Holland contracts with the Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.) for enforcement of its income tax regulations. This includes annual returns, estimated payments, local withholding, etc.

All returns, schedules, and other documents need to be submitted directly to R.I.T.A. Documents submitted to the Village of Holland will be returned to the sender and may result in penalties and fines if the returned filing is late.

R.I.T.A. Contact Information:

Business Filings – 1-800-860-7482 EXT 5003      Residential Filings – 1-800-860-7482 EXT 5002

All filings and payments may be made online at www.ritaohio.com.

R.I.T.A. also handles all Holland Springfield Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDZ) and Holland Springfield Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) filings including annual returns, estimated payments, and local withholding. 1-800-860-7482 EXT 3263.

Income Tax forms can be found at this link.